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There are two maps on this page that allow you to acces larger images should you decide to print any of them.

The first map, "Hacienda Los Molinos - Panama" shows where we are located within Panama. It's indicated in red letters on the left side of the map. If you wish to print this map, just click on it and a new, larger image will open in a window and then just click the PRINT button at the bottom of the image.

The second map, "Hacienda Los Molinos - Community Map", shows the entire development, and the location and distribution of the lots. In order to print this map, click inside the image which will open a new, larger window. Scroll down to the "PRINT" button and click on it.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the map, you will not be able to see clearly the lots numbers in order to identify them. However, you can use this map as a reference while viewing a larger map which will open in a new browser window. Here, you'll be able to see the individual lot numbers and locate them in the smaller map in order to have an overall view of the community.

Be aware, that this is a very large image, and the browser window will not be big enough to acommodate it, so you will have to scroll up and down, and sideways in order to navigate through the entire map. However, due to its size, you will be able to see and identify the individual lots by their identifying numbers. The link to this map is at the bottom of this page.

Hacienda Los Molinos - Panama

Map of Panama - Hacienda Los Molinos


Hacienda Los Molinos - Community Map

Map of Panama - Hacienda Los Molinos

Open larger view of Community Map in new browser window.

When the browser window opens, you might need to click on the image in order to expand it to a full view.


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